Tomer Bar-Zeev

President, Grow Solutions at Unity

The power and innovation of Israeli tech companies is incredible, and the IATI plays an important role in turning these individual companies into a vibrant ... ecosystem. As the IATI recognized early on, the whole of the Israeli tech ecosystem is greater than the sum of its parts and it has made a significant impact across its activities - from connecting the private and public sectors to promoting STEM education to advancing the employment of underrepresented groups in Israeli society. ironSource has been part of the IATI for many years, and continues its support following our merger with Unity, a global tech company that sees massive value in the Israeli tech ecosystem.    Read more

Yossi Matias

Vice President & MD Google Center in Israel. Google

The Israeli tech is vibrant and thrives on meaningful connections and collaborations accross industry - from startups to multi-national companies (MNC) and the broader tech ... ecosystem - with mutual support and leveraging synergies in a competitive landscape. The IATI’s MNC Forum plays an important role in supporting strong collaboration on common challenges and opportunities, representing the communities’ needs, promoting business certainty and stability, and acting to improve the Israeli industry’s future. As I’ve seen first hand leading the IATI MNC Forum for nearly a decade, the Forum acts proactively to foster industry positioning, advance education, human capital, diversity & inclusion, and give a united voice to represent and strengthen the Israeli hi-tech industry.   Read more

Karin Eibschitz Segal

Corporate VP, Design Engineering Group, Intel. General Manager of Intel Validation Engineering and Co-General Manager of Intel Israel

IATI is an essential partner of the Israeli High-tech industry, connecting the eco-system and leading a community. The IATI association is initiating and facilitating joint ...IATI is an essential partner of the Israeli High-tech industry, connecting the eco-system and leading a community. The IATI association is initiating and facilitating joint activities to support the continued growth of the High-Tech industry in the state of Israel, such as ongoing dialogues with the regulators, national level STEM education programs to strengthen engineering talent pipeline, and efforts to enable a diverse and inclusive workforce. Thank you for the fruitful collaboration with Intel.   Read more

Nechemia (Chemi) Peres

Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Pitango. Chairman of the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation

Since the very early days of venture capital and startups community inception in Israel, IATI has been paving the road ahead for its future growth ... and scale up. Over the years, IATI helped turn this community into a dynamic vibrant innovation eco-system which drives Israel’s economy to new heights, as it becomes a significant participant in the global innovation arena. As the Israeli innovation ecosystem enters its fourth decade, ready to acle up and build global category leaders out of Israel, IATI role becomes even more important and crucial. IATI is an inclusive association that brings together all participants, in Israel and abroad, under one roof, and works tirelessly to improve the climate for intimate collaboration, exciting investments and outstanding entrepreneurship. The association is proactively advancing our ecosystem on all fronts, securing our future, making sure we are at the fore front of science, technology, and innovation. Working together with its many partners and participants, IATI contribution to our collective efforts’ success, is simply invaluable. Participation in this platform and contributing to it, are becoming a must for all players in this ecosystem.    Read more

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